Picture by Hiroyuki Seo

Picture by Hiroyuki Seo

George Root is an international force to be reckoned with. Prior to founding his digital PR agency, Root worked as a highly sought-after freelance publicist and casting director.

Among his former initiatives? The project director of the Paris-born ASVOFF TOKYO film festival and his groundbreaking work for American Apparel. In 2012, Root propelled the Shibuya store to the number one selling American Apparel out of over 250 global locations. In 2016, Root was appointed Nihon L’Oreal Digital Ambassador; the same year he founded his boutique digital PR consulting agency, George Root Ltd.

His unparalleled influence over the Japanese market makes Root one of the few PR consultants able to successfully bridge the gap between Japan and the rest of the world. As the powerhouse creative behind some of the most recognizable global brand activations— ASICSTIGER, Bobbi Brown, FarFetch, Furla, Giorgio Armani Beauty, L’Oreal, Shu Uemura, to name a few—Root’s portfolio is as dynamic as he is. In a climate where originality is sparse, Root’s custom, made-to-order PR strategies are a refreshing break from the norm. Because of his voracious travel schedule and unparalleled intuition, Root is always at the forefront of trends, continuously proving his uncanny ability to dominate any industry, worldwide. Moreover, through his partnerships with companies that wish to localize their product abroad, Root has singlehandedly created a niche market for global brands in Japan.

If his career path thus far is any indication, George Root is only just getting started. His latest venture? The release of his highly-anticipated first book in Japan, 42 Tips to Make it Global. Just as the title suggests, Root chronicles his rapid rise to success and sheds light on what it takes to make it in the cutthroat world of global luxury brands. Within its pages, Root positions himself not only as an advisor but also an educator to those attempting to break into international markets. Root describes the industry in a raw voice that is wise beyond his years—a trait that no doubt has catapulted him to where he is today. 

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設立者でGeorge Root LtdのCEOを務める稲木ジョージは、2014年にニューヨークへ移住。アメリカン・アパレルジャパンなどで残した実績と経験を生かしてフリーランスのデジタルPRになったのち、2016年にGeorge Root Ltd.を興しました。稲木は、ヨーロッパのファッションウィークに参加することで得たグローバルな交友関係と、アジアへの旅や経験を通じた独自の視線と、ニューヨークが拠点だからこそ、肌で感じたシャープな感性とを通して、デジタルPRの戦略やそのグローバルな感覚を日本のマーケットに拡散させ(?落とし込むが会社プロフィールにあるから)、他に類を見ないコンサルタントです。




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